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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) updates, news, and statistics

Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘We Will Have Coronavirus In The Fall’


People Make ‘Mad Dash’ To Florida Beach That Reopened Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

People flocked to a reopened beach in Jacksonville, Florida, on Friday afternoon after officials partially lifted restrictions aimed at slowing the spread...

Doctors Can Place COVID-19 on Death Certificates Without Confirmed Test Results, Minnesota Senator Says

State Sen. Scott Jensen (R-Chaska), a practicing physician, sounded the alarm Tuesday about a CDC guidance that gives doctors the authority to...
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Georgia Coronavirus: Cases Jump From 7,300 To 12,400 In Week

The Georgia Department of Public Health reported 12,452 cases of the new coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 illness, at noon on Sunday, April...
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Some Easter churchgoers vow to ignore quarantine notices troopers leave on windshields

As hymns sang out Easter Sunday from a large outdoor speaker overlooking the Maryville Baptist Church parking lot, two...
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President Trump Had All Of These Warnings And Still Ignored The Coronavirus

Pres. Trump was warned for years that his administration wasn't ready for a deadly pandemic, but he still didn't act and now...
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New York Gov. Cuomo says the state has 10,841 new coronavirus cases since Friday,

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday the state has 10,841 new coronavirus cases since Friday, a record, bringing the total to...
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NYC New EMS guidelines – Cardiac arrest should not be transported to the hospital...

New guidance for EMS in New York City and Long Island says that patients in cardiac arrest should not be transported to...

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