Travelers flying from New York to Florida must quarantine, Gov. DeSantis says



  • Flights from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut heading to Florida will be subject to temperature checks and isolation. This WILL NOT include local or state law enforcement, performing military and emergency or health responses.

  • Health officials will meet these travelers as they arrive to conduct the temperature checks. In a news Conference from Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis it was said that he wants to place these people in a 14- day quarantine upon arrival and did not want to place the state under a shelter-in-place.

  • These people WILL be told that they need to self quarantine, staying with family is not considered “self-quarantine” says the Florida Gov. Desantis said that since the Federal Government wasn’t going to place domestic travel restrictions, that Florida would take initiative.
  • This order backed, by the Orlando International Airport went into place Tuesday at 12:01 AM. the Gov. says all travelers WILL be responsible for their own isolation, transportation, lodging, food and medical care. Anyone caught violating this order could face fines, misdemeanor charges or prison time

  • Florida adopted a three – step system to desperately try and keep COVID-19 at bay in the state of Florida. “Stop the introduction of Coronavirus in Florida, protect the elderly and expand access to testing.There are 20 counties with no cases still.


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